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 Any Dealer or car garage feedback.

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PostSubject: Any Dealer or car garage feedback.   Fri Apr 06, 2012 11:44 pm

Thought I would create a thread where you can share you experiences with car dealerships of garages in your area where you have had work done/things fitted and wether you would recommend them or not.

Remember to post where they are and a website if it's worth looking at!

Ill start it of with a crappy service from Abarth Romford near London. I had a fault with my car around 2 weeks ago. I took it in to them to have a check over and I said it would be worth checking the re-circ valve as this is a common part to go wrong on these cars. Left with a courtesy car and made my way home. After a couple of hours of being at home I got a phone call from them saying what they thought was wrong with the car! They said they thought it was the wastegate but not 100% sure and to check this, it would cost £540.. Shocked You heard right.. shortly followed by him saying 'But it might not be that but you would still have to pay' ..

So I said.. OK Politely. He then said you also need a new gearbox and turbo. The prices for both of these together was £3900. They were also re-conditioned units so not brand new.

So I took my car away from them IMMEDIATELY and thought Im just going to buy a new dump valve just to try. Got it delivered, fitted it, and low and behold it was that!

So I saved myself £3815 in total for growing some balls. And for those who can't be bothered to work it out, The part cost me £85! Wink

SO overall, I wouldn't recommend going there! Smile

- Grande Punto Abarth -
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Any Dealer or car garage feedback.
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